PWbiopic.jpg Carelliance was founded in 2000 by Peter Walgemoed. Carelliance is specialized in long term data curation for healthcare and life sciences. As its name suggests it's an electronic (a) lliance/ company that links people and is driven by trust in medical communications. Although data are key assets, its the personal communication between health professionals and their clients that creates value.

Recent activities have been with iMMovator to develop the Dutch Health Hub and Erasmus MC to develop a data driven Genetic Lab service organization. Health data needs to be separated from applications and under control of data driven health professionals as well as the data subject. That is us citizens in the role of health client/consumer or health research subject. Health professionals work in dynamic networks across organizations. They co-operate to improve the quality of life of their health client. They are data driven and continuously improve their expertise. They are open to discuss their discovery insights with their peers and share their data FAIR.

The health professionals work close with their date team colleagues who support their discovery and quality improvement needs with personalized data services.

Data/vendor lock-in is prevented by design. This is achieved through trusted data service organizations and platforms based on open/standard interfaces. This enables co-operative networks to share their data assets with their clients. It also allows secondary use of data for benchmarking, big data analysis and discoveries. The guiding principle is trust and communication between data driven people.